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Patient Testimonial: Darren Johnson

Darren suffered from spinal stenosis, causing him foot pain and numbness in his legs. After several unsuccessful attempts with non-surgical treatments, Darren found Dr. T and is now living life pain free and is excited to get back to doing what he loves.

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Dr. T. There are no words to sufficiently describe the depth of my gratitude for what you did for me and for my family. You literally fixed me when I was broken. When I see my scar I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your expertise and knowledge to do what you do. I am so grateful for the scar because it reminds me of all the pain I am no longer in and to be kind to my body. It will always remind me of you and Becca & everything you two did. There is no way to thank you enough but I hope this gift reminds you of our crazy experience and how your repairs to my back and life have become priceless and precious to me. Thank you for mending me when I felt beyond help. Daniel and I will never forget you! Sincerely.

Dr. Thongtrangan. I wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help over the last year. I appreciate your preparation and hard work. You are an uncommonly kind surgeon and it is very reassuring to speak with you. Thank you very much for your time and your help.

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Dr. T. I just wanted to give you a special thank you for the care and concern you have given me through two surgeries. I think you are a very caring and great surgeon. I was in a very good hands. Thank you so much. June 7, 2018

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Dear Dr. T. Thank you so much for giving me a good part of my life back. The pain, depression, and a hopeless feeling are gone. What you did was to give my life back to me and I will be forever grateful. You really made a difference. My family thanks you also. March 24, 2017

Hello Dr. T. I just wanted to send you one more HUGE THANK YOU!!! You have been amazing from day one. Dr. T you have impressed me beyond your knowledge of your practice, the passion that shows. How caring you are that you listened. How you yourself took the time to call me multiple times. When I know you are a busy Dr. To have you take the time to call speaks volumes! Hands down you are an AMAZING DR/PERSON!!! Hey you fixed me. Like you said Minimally Invasive! You did just that! A fantastic job….


Dr. T. You and your whole staff are awesome. We so appreciate your expertise & caring attitude. As a small token of our appreciation, we hope you enjoy this cottonwood barn carving that WILL carved. Thank you so very much!

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Dr. T. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing surgery and how you helped put my back in the right place. I truly am forever grateful to you, your skills & your compassion after surgery at the hospital. You have an amazing team, the EMG guy, anesthesia Dr, even the picture guy & compassionate nurses who cared for me after surgery. Forever grateful.

Dr. T. Thank you for taking time to meet with me the other day to make sure I am on the right path. Thank you for completing my surgery. Thank you for taking my pain away. You are a fantastic physician. We are lucky to have you here. With great respect and grateful.

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Dr. Thongtrangan. Thank you for doing everything in your power and influence to heal my body from this pain. I am so satisfied and amazed with the customer service I have received from your organization. Thank you so much for special pass to Disneyland. You live your life with joy –and pass this on (by taking pain away). What a great life you have.

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Dr.T. Thank you and your staff for taking quick action in December 2016 when I first met you. You may recall that I was trying to have Laser back surgery after watching the great TV ads by The Laser Spine Institute. I went thru all the preparation they needed for approval, MRIs, financials, etc. and seeing one or 2 of their staff without seeing a Doctor to discuss my surgery. Waiting for over 4 months after approval and going to unusual delays and after they cancelled 2 dates I gave up and called you. After sharing my frustrations, your staff set an appointment immediately and after meeting you and discussing my problem you set a date within 2 weeks for the spine surgery. I was there at 7:00 am and went home at 1:00. I had very little pain going back to the office after 4 days. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the care and professional dedication shared by all. THANK YOU ALL.

My name is Josie W and I would like to address any concerns you might have choosing a great surgeon. We have looked everywhere even other clinics such as The Mayo clinic. We realized what a great surgeon Dr. T is because of his great side manner and his professional attributes and experience he brings to the operation table. During the operation, updates were given to my husband so he would not worry, after the operation my numbness and pain was gone in the arms and the legs. My chronic bad headaches are gone. I am still in therapy and will gain full motion in my neck. I had a 3 vertebra and 3 discs replaced. I visited so many doctors and when they looked at what had to be fixed all said we can’t fix you. I am very happy with my decision to go to Dr. T and would employ my family members or my friends do the same if they had problems with their neck or back.


The surgery has given me my life back. From day one I had no back or leg pain. I am resuming many of my activities I enjoyed before the pain made me give them up. I will be forever indebted to Dr. T. He is my hero, although a reluctant one as praise appears to make him uncomfortable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for relief of pain that requires more than pills or simple porcedures. As someone who was on at least 4 or 5 pills a day and now I take NONE. HOORAY.


It started with the worst pain I have ever experienced in my leg. I couldn’t stand up straight, but the pain in my leg was extreme! Unbearable! I would cry myself to sleep. After 3 doctors I was finally BLESSED with finding Dr T. HE WAS TRULY BLESSING! I did end up having surgery. Amazing! This was my first surgery in my life. Dr. T from day one made me feel so cared for. From him talking with me, listening to me, setting everything up quickly with his team there so I didn’t have to wonder if insurance was being rushed, to getting the surgery scheduled ASAP –which was needed with how long I had been living in my pain, and trying everything I could. Prior to surgery we did the epidurals. It was a herniated disc pushing on my nerve. The office kept me in the loop with everything. So I wasn’t at home in pain wondering when I was gonna get a phone call. The entire office cares! After my surgery I had Dr.T call me himself thru the week multiple times to make sure I was ok, if I had concerns, or questions. I have never had the doctor himself call me like Dr.T did. I truly felt that I was dealing with a family that cared about me at minimally invasive spine. The nurses even called to check on me. I always had a cheerful voice call me to see if I needed anything ~ it was AMAZING! I could go on and on, but they truly were like my family to me! DR.T YOU ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL ~ AMAZING! TO THE REST OF THE TEAM ~ YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Keep it up! Thank you ALL so so much!!!

And the, well I don’t want to call them just nurses, so if Dr.T is the heart of the team these ladies are the blood. They keep the machine running, they are vital to these procedures. I hear Dr.T is an amazing person not only to know but to also work for. And that says a lot, if you can love the person you work for it makes it wonderful to love the job you do. And these ladies show that through and through, they are the best in their field!


Dr.T is an amazing surgeon and Doctor. He is always there for you as a patient. He listens carefully, observes your condition, provides appropriate tests, discusses options so that you understand each, and is a genuinely caring person. I have had two surgeries with him as my primary surgeon and am completely satisfied with the procedures and outcomes! I highly recommend him as a surgeon and Doctor.


If you are suffering from low-back pain, neck pain, herniated disc, sciatica, pinched nerve and have been researching minimally invasive spine surgery as well as laser spine surgery, schedule an appointment to speak to Dr. T and Microspine Team today.

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