Microspine Surgery

What is Microspine Endoscopic assisted Surgery?

Microspine is a cutting edge surgery utilizing a combination of Endoscope, real-time EMG, laser, and Navigation technology in appropriate patients and pathologies. Microspine is the least invasive and a highly effective procedure to correct a variety of spine problems and resolve back pain. “Microspine” surgery is even less invasive than some other types of the so-called “minimally invasive techniques” currently used.

Unlike traditional back surgery, endoscopic spine surgery does not require a hospital stay, general anesthesia, an incision that needs stitches and time to heal, or a long recovery.

Laser can be used during the surgery among other delicate special tools and instruments to fix your problem.

Microspine surgery offers the following benefits:

  • This is an outpatient procedure.
  • The 8- 10 mm incision results in minimal blood loss and little or no damage to muscle tissue surrounding the surgical site.
  • There is no need to implant foreign hardware in the patient (in non-fusion surgery).
  • Patients experience few or no postoperative complications.
  • There is little or no pain or scarring.
  • The procedure requires only sedation and local anesthetic in some patients.
  • Recovery times are much shorter than with other procedures.

Microspine with Endoscopic assisted also has proven to be an excellent option for many patients over the age of 65, who have age-related degenerative spine conditions, offering excellent outcomes, minimal complications and faster recovery. It’s also an excellent alternative for patients who are not able to tolerate open surgery.

Additional high-quality research assessing outcomes of endoscopic lumbar surgery are certainly needed and currently expected given the rapid expansion of the field in recent years.

Understanding how Microspine Surgery can help you


If you are suffering from low-back pain, neck pain, herniated disc, sciatica, pinched nerve and have been researching minimally invasive spine surgery as well as laser spine surgery, schedule an appointment to speak to Dr. T and Microspine Team today.